In our first video, created in collaboration with Ncontemporary, we aim to evoke the power of imagination in the realm of interior design. 

Opening with the insightful words of Gae Aulenti, 
"It is often more useful to see a little to guess a lot, to imagine: if you don't see the limits of a room in dim light, you can imagine it and feel it much bigger,
" we emphasize the connection between imagination and creation, bridging the gap between lived experiences and the endless possibilities that lie within our minds.

The interior design showcased in the video embodies a delicate balance between fragile elements, such as glass, and robust elements reminiscent of rock. 

This juxtaposition creates a harmonious environment that seamlessly integrates with its surroundings. The natural aspect is embodied by the worn wood flooring, evoking a sense of groundedness and authenticity.

Simultaneously, the artificial element comes to life through the opal polycarbonate ceiling, offering a glimpse of the sky and encouraging the viewer's imagination to roam freely.

By blending the natural and the artificial, our design stimulates the viewer's imagination, providing them with a canvas to envision limitless possibilities. 

We believe that a space should not be limited by its physical boundaries but rather expand through the imagination of those who inhabit it. 

Through our innovative approach, we create environments that inspire, engage, and leave room for personal interpretation and creative exploration.