In 2022 Mousse magazine asked Domani Studio to design their stand for the renowned Artissima art fair in Turin.

The Mousse Pop-Up Supermarket is a unique concept that draws inspiration from the aesthetic of the 1960s.

 This aesthetic has been widely embraced by the art and fashion industries as a means of highlighting the contrast between mainstream culture and niche subcultures. The central theme of this proposal revolves around the concept of contrast.

Un terms of design, the supermarket incorporates elements of ready-made and anonymous design pieces. 

The intention is to create a setting that stands out and captures the attention of customers while allowing the products to take center stage.

By incorporating elements of the 1960s aesthetic and hacking ready-made design pieces, the Mousse Pop-Up Supermarket aims to create a distinctive shopping experience. 

The juxtaposition of mainstream and niche elements creates an intriguing and memorable atmosphere for customers. This approach not only enhances the visual appeal of the supermarket but also encourages customers to engage with the products in a unique way.