Sealup, renowned for its high-quality garments, enlisted the expertise of Domani Studio to revamp their sole flagship store in Milan's historic "Brera" neighborhood. 

The objective was to align the store's interiors with the brand's evolving image. The initial 200 sqm boutique, conceived as a minimalist "white box," underwent a transformative renewal.

Domani Studio approached the space as an opportunity to emphasize the importance of materials, which hold a central position in the brand's philosophy. 

The concept of "Nothing to hide" was translated into the physical realm through the strategic utilization of architectural elements like brass and mirrors. 

These materials interact with light and reflections, creating a dynamic ambiance that accentuates the displayed products and underscores their exceptional quality. 

By leveraging these design choices, Domani Studio successfully crafted an atmosphere that aligns with Sealup's brand identity and enhances the overall shopping experience for customers.